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Maite and her sisters, Paula and Nora, have gone through changes, as all families have. They’ve weathered storms, at moments they’ve drifted apart but somehow they’ve held together. 


But when their mother, Margaret, makes the drastic decision to sell the family home, something cracks open. Ghosts and memories start to seep out and the family is confronted with things they did not expect: some hidden, some lost and some purposefully forgotten. The waters start to rise.


Meanwhile a woman in white with an empty cage walks endlessly through the generations, in the space in between, like where the land meets the sea. Waiting for the bird that’s flown away? Or waiting to be released herself?


And underneath everything the sea, ebbing and flowing. The tide rising and falling. What will pass down the generations and what can be washed away as the waters rise?

Ulua(k) Teatro presents “Maite” (working title), a work-in-progress piece which brings together full expressive masks, object manipulation and original music in a darkly fantastical, moving and comical journey through the generations, through the ebb and flow of one family. 

in Spring/Summer 2019 we will be presenting a short work-in-progress version of our new piece

in Berlin, Germany and the Basque Country,

followed by a premiere of the full-length piece in November in berlin.

“Maite” was born at acclaimed mask company Familie Flöz’s Summer Academy in 2017, where Ulua(k) went together as a company to train. With the dramaturgical support of Michael Vogel and Anna Kistel of Familie Flöz, the experience was a real turning-point for the company and provided the starting scene from which “Maite” began to grow.


In summer 2018 we began to devise the piece and to work with clown/mask director Idoia Ruiz de Lara. Through the support and residencies of Arropaineko Arragua and Garaoion Sorgingunea in the Basque Country, we presented our material at two encouraging work-in-progress showings at the end of each residency. 

"I see the struggle between how we feel, how we are and how we want to be is shown. It is a reflection on being aware of how your family is in order to release the bonds you have endured."

Itziar Rekalde, Audience Member and Storyteller


"We have learned a lot with this work, the total value of the body. The gestural expression, the movement, the stillness, the silence [...]The story of 4 women, a family, told with the bodies of 4 great artists. They made us travel in time, in emotions, in the complex of relationships and at the same time a story in which the majority of the public was reflected. 

Eskerrik asko Ulua(k) for teaching us so much."

Amaia Gabilondo, Managing Director, Garaion Sorgingunea

Core Devising and Performance Team: 

Amelie Seib, Cat Gerrard, Heleen Klooker, Nerea Ariznabarreta

Devising Director: Idoia De La Ruiz

Composer and Musician: Mariano Hurtado Bravo

Costume Designer: Angharad Matthews


Maider Illana– Managing Director, Arropaineko Arragua; Amaia Gabilondo – Managing Director, Garaion Sorgingunea; Alessio Negro – Set Designer, Clown

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